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 If you are not already a member with young living and are interested in purchasing a kit,

i would love to help you get started!  My family uses these oils and products everyday... Young living has become a 1 stop shop for everything from all natural mineral makeup, babycare, petcare, top quality plant based supplements to organically grown ancient grain (low gluten) einkorn flour! Did I mention YL is going zero waste?! Oh and our companies mission is to be "stewards of the earth" Those are two huge reasons why I love sharing about and creating a business Young Living! 

Not only are we getting high quality products that keep us above the wellness line but we are actually saving money and getting free products all the time. Also, anyone who joins my little oils community also gets access to ALL of my online classes (salve making, moon journaling and essential oils with the lunar phases  as well as all of my natural perfume + sacred blends oil recipes that i sold in my online shop for 8 years!  I have so much goodness for you and your loved ones :)


My intention with this business is to equip people to feel in alignment with their best selves and to feel connected to their higher selves thus becoming clear channels for holding a high vibration andspreading that positive and inspiring energy to all they come in contact with.  It is not just about oils, its equally about the community, connection, inspiration and sharing healing energy with the planet-

blessed be, beauties!


If you are ready to order then the premium starter kit is the best deal ($165) and contains: 11 every day oils as well as an essential oil diffuser, super food samples, little glass bottles for mixing your own creations and a 24% member discount for all other oils and products (hello mineral makeup, vitamins, superfoods and more!)

plus a private community filled with amazing support, resources and more!

Did you know that you can also become a member with a mineral makeup starter  kit as well as a thieves cleaning kit?! You can also just buy a membership alone, there are so many different options for whatever your needs might be.   Feel free to message me with any questions, I am here to help!

What oils are included? Lets take a closer look...

To order a premium starter kit click this link here

 Make sure that the number :3270530 are in both the sponsor and enroller boxes then choose "wholesale member" and pick the diffuser that you would like your kit to come with.

If you have any questions or need help signing up, just contact me! :)

 On a budget?

Lets do a price Break Down:

Lets also break down the cost of the Starter Kit because in the long run, this will save you the MOST money.
The YL starter kit is $165 currently. The diffuser alone is between $63 and $85 (depending on which one you choose). If you add up the kit’s oil costs, it comes to $146. ( so that is $231 total at retail price) - So you’re getting a HUGE discount and almost getting the diffuser for free. PLUS you’re not paying the extra $45 for a membership. So overall, you’re getting almost $100 in products/membership for free!

Message me if you would like to learn how to make the money back on your kit!

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