When you begin to understand how each of the 8 main lunar phases effect your

mind/body & spirit,

you might decide to to bring your daily to-do lists and self care practices into more of an alignment with whatever particular energy the moon is cycling with at the time.


By consistently implementing this practice, you should begin to notice more of a balance and harmonious ebb and flow throughout the months.


This is especially helpful for those of you who are already aware of your sensitivities to the moon (example: feeling extra energized or maybe a little anxious during the full moon or feeling super motivated and social during part of the month and a total lack of motivation and/or withdrawn during other parts of the month) 

+ Included in the course is a high resolution PDF download of my painting of the 2017 Lunar Calendar for you to use as a reference and quick reminder for which of the 8 phases we are moving through & when to check into class. Feel free to print and hang at home or in your office or print and paste into your moonphase journals!


+ During this class you will learn how to use watercolor (or watered down acrylics) to create your own beautiful celestial space colored background pages that are speckled with stars. 

+ You will also create your own moon phase themed artwork with aligning notes filled with tips and energetic wisdom for each cycle. 


+ You will learn about specific phases offering heightened times for setting different types of intentions/affirmations and self care practices. (these aren't only on the new/full moons ;) 


+ By the end of this creative 8 class lunar phase journey, you will have a stunning art journal, handmade lunar reference guide & a favorite new creative practice/ self care ritual all wrapped into one, with knowledge that you can incorporate throughout your life! 

If you are interested in the law of attraction or intention setting you will soon learn how powerful it is when you connect your intentions during certain phases of the lunar cycles.


When you take the time to express these

intentions/wishes/desires and feelings

by actually drawing or making artwork inspired by them- this will supercharge and energize all of those beautiful wishes even more! That is where the magic happens, and that is why I knew I needed to share this powerful practice with others. Are you ready to start art journaling with the moon? 

+ No previous art making or art journaling experience required or needed for this course-

Just a desire in your heart to explore and create.

If you are someone who "cant even draw a stick figure" push that aside and make room for your soul to shine through your own art journaling! Of course this class is equally as valuable to the well seasoned and/or professional artists as well. 


* In order to keep the cost of this course at a very affordable price, art journal & art journaling supplies are not included. However, once you sign up for the class you will have detailed information on what to collect for your journaling materials as well as a link to order the journal I will be using. (the journal in the photos) Make sure you sign up early enough so it will arrive in time before the new moon. 


When you sign up, you will receive an email with an image containing a special password which will unlock the student only entry for the art journaling course on my website at www.rachaelrosezoller.com 


Once logged in with the password, you will have access to your full resolution, printable, 2017 Lunar Phase Calendar as well as everything you will need to know to get you prepared for your first art journaling prompt which will be made available for you just before the next new moon. 


Looking forward to sharing this with you! 


Love & Blessings,

Rachael Rose Zoller

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