Rachael Rose Zoller

Artist, Herbalist,

Childrens Book Author,

Healing Arts Educator

Cherry Blossom Forest
Heavens Sunrise
Grow : Childrens Collection
Hummingbird Focus
Healing River
Japanese Sunrise
Purple Haze Hummingbird

My artwork is inspired by the beautiful and ethereal energy of mother nature.  

I love to paint trees, herbs, hummingbirds, moons, gardens, faeries, butterflies and landscapes from my dreams.  

When I paint, I clear my mind and ask that the divine spirit will flow through me.  

During my earlier career as an artist I created paintings for childrens nursery rooms.  This was always been an honor for me because I believe that all artwork is infused with the energy from the artist who created it and carries the ability to spread its particular energetic imprint to its viewers...

I believe that children are especially sensitve to this type of energy, so it is important that the artwork surrounding them is gently radiating a positve message of

peace, hope, love, harmony and growth.


Below, you will find my artwork organized into individual themed galleries.  

Many of the originals have been sold, but there are high quality prints available of most.  

If there is a specific painting that you love and cannot find in my art shop, please message me with the name of the painting and I will let you know if it is available as a print or original. 

Landscapes, Birds & Flowers

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Mixed Media

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